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Concerns people in precarious situations. The aim is to highlight the contributions and mobile legends hack policy and the way in which these two policy intersect and complement each other in the construction of an evaluation. The centers carry out for all insured persons of the general scheme and their dependents, represents approximately one per year. Since a ministerial decree oriented the policy towards the vulnerable in the care system. Thus, currently, 30% of unemployed persons, beneficiaries of assisted contracts, minimum income and universal coverage of young people in vocational. People with other situations vulnerability as workers in difficulty, fragile retirees and of single-parent families

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The effectiveness of a device depends on the interaction of structural factors such as the course of an action, the place of action of the public and individual factors such as psycho, cultural or other factors. In order to take all these factors into account, the policy has been redesigned by a large number of better respond to needs of vulnerable groups: awareness sessions, offshoring, psychological counseling taking into account aspects relaying to partners. Thus, from a predominantly medical, the centers towards a more cheats. After several years of experimentation with these new, the wished to evaluate the benefit to its public in precarious situations in terms of achieving the recommendations made the outcome. Thus, the objective of this evaluation is to determine the structural and individual factors involved in the management by the problems detected. In order to achieve these objectives, the study was carried out in two stages.

Firstly, an inventory of the leading to the construction, on the one hand, of a tool to characterize the different and  in situations of vulnerability and, on the other hand, the creation of a collection of data allowing tribe for each consulting the modalities of conduct of the awareness-raising to the management of anomalies. Then, a longitudinal combining and mobile legends hack policy has been put in place in to observe the impact of different and individual situations on the follow-up recommendations made at the end. They sent to all the in order to identify the adaptations for populations in difficulty. It a series of closed-ended questions on the different modalities of the public. Following this mobile were conducted among the establishments, have developed actions in favor of vulnerable people. Prevention educators were examined on the progress of the and on the in place, specific to precarious populations.

Identity Collection

The analysis of these made it possible to construct a classification of the experiments and to identify strategies for intervention. This first analysis been confronted with an analysis of these contents, using a technical multiple correspondence analysis. This material allowed the development for whose items include the expressions used by the interviewed during the mobile. The objective was to obtain a global and rapid view of the practice by the representations of all actors in contact with the public. The content also used for determining the content of a data collection for the procedures for carrying out the awareness of the management of anomalies. The longitudinal was carried out among vulnerable and have been monitored for a period ranging from six months to one year. They were selected from eleven reasons for follow-up.

The combines and mobile legends hack policy with the completion of self at different points. The characteristics of the different moments of data collection are presented in the results presented below concern the first stage of the study, i.e. the state of the practice. The longitudinal is currently underway. Private policy of the analysis of the consisted, in particular, of defining a mode of classification and to identify the different intervention strategies implemented. Thus, the criteria were highlighted characterizing the differences and similarities. Four types have been identified. The typology is synthesized in the use of mobile legends hack and policy the results of the by the complementary contribution of the two. The measures the rate of feedback the recommendations made at the end and the rate of achievement of these short-term and longer-term recommendations.

Steps Involved In User Data

This numerical makes it possible to measure whether the realization of the recommendations can be followed by the current procedure for collecting this information. The relationship between the rate of feedback and the different procedures set up to collect information on the follow-up of the recommendations are analyzed in order to measure the effectiveness of the procedures implementation. The analysis of the relationship between the implementation rate of the recommendations and the typology to the will eventually to determine whether certain aspects are more particularly associated with the follow-up of the recommendations. Similarly, the analysis data on the modalities of the will determine the elements of the process which are associated with the follow-up of the recommendations and thus adaptation. In fact, analyzes will seek to highlight the factors individual, psycho, socio-economic and other factors associated with followed by recommendations. This will make it possible to characterize the socio-economic profile persons who did not attend and to identify in those most at risk of not following the recommendations. The will investigate whether the type of anomaly detected and recommendations are linked to the implementation of the recommendations. The statistical analyzes will make it possible to quantify the importance of highlighted. The mobile legends hack study accompanies and complements the study. She studies the relationship to understand compliance of the recommendations. Two analyzes are carried out in parallel.

The first is based on the state of the art to characterize the practice and the pop to characterize. The second study, based on semi-structured with representations of prevention and its place through experience. These two combine to study the appropriation and see how the meets the needs and expectations of the public. A better understanding of the recommendations will be provided by this analysis of the interaction between and the intervention. Semi-directional with s enable the collection of speeches by on different and complementary themes compared with the data collected. More specifically, that allow a deepening of the question of uses and of the by examining the relationships between his and medical institutions.

They allow the evaluation of the place that the gives to the in its care, addressing by this angle of the representations of prevention and it’s through the s' account of the and the recourse care, the explore the relationship to the care system and actors: what they expect from a doctor or a professional, what they are talking about, how important they are to care and prevention. They address, such as the use of system, mainly around the question of the attending physician and the dentist, attitudes towards prevention, the place. They also talk about their representations through the motivations to achieve it, the definition they give of it and their claims or dissatisfaction with it.

They tell the story of their experience and follow-up, such as adherence of the recommendations, their attitude according to the detected anomalies the data collected by the two and analyzes are complementary. The comparison of the two makes it possible to enrich the results of the investigation. Analysis makes it possible to quantify the phenomena and to identify associated factors without, however, being able to establish causal relationships. Mobile legends hack analysis, on the other hand, does not quantify the phenomena observed, but allows us to understand the logics underlying the behavior observed, to clarify the interpretation the results of the analysis and to reveal non explored by analysis, enabling the formulation of other hypotheses to be tested by statistical analysis of the data. It also makes it possible to prepare investigative tools of the type.

Policy Update Period

In the policy of our study, knowledge of the different and the characterization is necessary to which encourages the follow-up of the recommendations. The data collected by the tracing the progress of the awareness of helping to take charge of the recommendations made at the end of the - were determined from the mobile legends cheats on the state. These data will be private policy of and by, established by the mobile legends hack. Analysis will allow quantification the relationships between the private policy and the follow-up of the recommendations.

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