This prediction based on a tentative is relative. It is more a plausibility than a probability in the sense of the term. For the actor or policy-maker, this calls for caution and caution in the application. When the question arises to replicate or generalize and it is not the content of s that are transferable, it is the theories that explain how they work. For the realistic evaluator, the possible falsification and temporary is not a problem. In contrast to the experimental approach, the realistic approach considers it as a mobile legends hack to enrich. The realistic synthesis of observations in a multitude resembles a meta-analysis. However, fundamentally differs in that the meta-analysis affirms, increasing the power of the sample, a constant cause-effect relationship, while realistic synthesis produces a that explains why in such circumstances and for such persons.

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In practice, a realistic assessment begins by circumscribing that we want to study. A first explanatory of the functioning of the studied, in other words the logic is formulated on the basis of the literature, experience, and hypotheses and theories which underlie programs using this . In the area of  promotion, it is at the beginning of this chapter. Using case studies, this initial is then confronted with where this has been applied. In practice, at this stage, the collection of field data involves an inductive approach, methods of organizational research and collection techniques qualitative research. Methods may also be by combining them with quantitative data. They are lighting a first case study therefore focuses on a first situation: seeks to clarify how the under study worked and the results expected and unexpected results. The extent to which is verified in the particular of this situation.

This enrich is followed by a second case study of a similar in others. One can then enrich the new proposals for case studies to refine and complement gradually the initial. This involves identifying patterns of behavior of the same. The synthesis takes the form is always provisional and which can be confronted news through an endless process. Conducting a synthesis in multiple poses a real challenge: that to move from one to another and from one to another without changing while adjusting the focal length. We must define it contours and be able to apprehend it. It must also be describe reality in all its complexity which would be impossible and merely describe it. In sufficient detail for the purpose of make it recognizable but also to reduce it by modeling it so as to accessible to a mobile legends typology, a classification by prototypes in some way which provides a guide to moving from one to another.

Definitive which results from a realistic is then usable, not to disseminate or generalize, but to inspire the design of s that will appeal to the same. This will avoid replicating successes that have no chance of success if such and such a dynamic, existing and essential for the outcome. It is not feasible in another in which we want to intervene. In spite of having a rather than tested for an assumed efficiency allows the decision-maker to choose, adapt and steer of its field of activity taking into account the particular in or the variability of the situations to which it is confronted at the end of this mobile legends chapter. We confirm that the paradigm of synthesis and realistic is particularly suited to the study of interactions in complex systems. As such, it represents a methodological advance to solve the problems raised by the promotion on the determinants of inequality. We have implemented this evaluative approach in the field of organizational change and management quality.

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